Shoulder Arthroscopy

We start with a look at your shoulder with the arthroscope. The arthroscope is embedded into your shoulder through a little cut. The arthroscope is associated with a feature screen in the working room. All the tissues of your shoulder joint and the territory over the joint — the cartilage, bones, tendons, and ligaments are investigated.

When a thorough understanding of the issue is acquired, harmed tissues are repaired. To do this, we will make one to three all the more little entry points and supplement different instruments through them. A tear in a muscle, tendon, or cartilage will be settled. Harmed tissue may need to be evacuated.

At the end of the shoulder arthroscopy surgery, your entry points will be shut with join and secured with a dressing (swathe). Regularly you will go home that day in a sling emulated by a course of exercise based recuperation relying upon the way of the surgery. You will have the capacity to uproot the gauze and shower two days after surgery. The small cuts will simply be covered with a band-aid.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Information

Rotator cuff repair: Your orthopedic shoulder specialist may utilize arthroscopic shoulder surgery to treat tears of the rotator sleeve tendon. The edges of the tendon are united and are appended to the core with sutures and stays. The anchors will be made either of metal or plastic. They don’t have to be removed immediately following surgery.


Rotator cuff repair

Impingement syndrome: Your orthopedic shoulder specialist might utilize arthroscopic shoulder surgery to treat this common condition that’s creating pain. Harmed and inflamed tissue is cleaned out in the range over the shoulder joint. Your orthopedic specialist might likewise cut a particular ligament, called the Coracoacromial Ligament, and shave off the under piece of the Acromion bone. This method is called Subacromial Decompression.

Impingement syndrome

Shoulder instability: In the event that you have a torn labrum (the rim of the shoulder joint that is made of cartilage) your orthopedic specialist has the specialty training to repair it utilizing arthroscopic surgery. Ligaments that are attached to this territory will likewise be repaired. The Bankart injury is a tear on the labrum in the lower piece of the shoulder joint. A SLAP lesion includes the labrum and the ligament on the top piece of the shoulder joint.

Shoulder instability

Biceps Tendon Repair: The biceps tendon may be torn because of trauma or repetitive damage and may cause pain, weakness, and disfigurement. It is regularly seen in consolidation with rotator sleeve tears. Your shoulder specialist will utilize insignificantly intrusive arthroscopic strategies to repair this tendon if need be.

Biceps Tendon Repair


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